Hello! My name is Joel.



The standard introduction usually goes something like this: I'm a designer living in southwest Missouri and I really enjoy what I do. Research, sketching, iteration, visual strategery—some days I'd consider working for free.


But here are the things that I believe are more important for you to know: I'm a purposeful worker with extreme diligence and a joyful spirit. Besides bringing my talents to the people that I work with, I also aim to bring an attitude of fun and happiness. It's not a good day in my book if I haven't spared time to laugh with those around me.


“Joel is collaborative, dependable, and mature. Others enjoy working with him toward a common goal. Teams seem to have better chemistry when he is a participant.”

Keep your face always toward the sunshine...



If you were to ask me the 3 most important traits I bring to a workplace, I would offer...

1. Energy, spirit, attitude. I've always believed attitude is king. Good energy can make a team hum at full speed while bad energy can grind gears to a halt. You'll find me eternally optimistic even when the glass isn't quite half full.

2. Adaptability. Throw something at me and I'll respond. I may even throw it back. You'll find that I'm always willing to jump into a situation, learn, and accomplish goals at a high standard.

3. Problem solving. Clifton StrengthsFinder lands problem solving as my first key strength. I'm energized by problems, love the challenge of seeing the issue and finding a solution, be it practical or conceptual.

My StrengthsFinder top five: Restorative, Empathy, Positivity, Achiever, and Relator.

Read a brief overview of my work history...


Happy mind, happy soul.



Who am I outside of the work place? I'm an Iowan transplanted to Missouri. A happily married man of thirteen years and father of four wonderful children. A pastor's kid and sibling of seven. Avid fiction reader, movie-lover, hobbyist of hobbies, wood-worker wannabe, and amateur cyclist.


As much as I'm able to enjoy the work that I do, there is still nothing I'd rather be doing than wrestling on the floor with my kids or sharing coffee with my wife—for me, family will always be first.


“I never imagined the care I would receive from Joel. He not only is brilliant in concept and design, he truly cares about representing his client in the truest way possible.”

Inform and inspire—good design does both.



Below you'll see the work of which I'm proudest. As with most projects, the final versions required the efforts of multiple talented people along the way. And while I'm happy to share who and to what capacity, these projects represent me and the way I solve problems in the most honest and applicable ways.

Don't let good get in the way of right.

It's hard to see beyond yourself.

What does being yourself look like?

Truth builds trust.



I'm thankful for an amazing group of clients that have placed their trust in me and allowed me to assist as they lead their organizations forward.


“Joel is constantly growing in his skill set while maintaining a humility that only comes with maturity. As his direct report, I have seen nothing but consistency and dependability in his work and commitments.”