H2R is a lighthearted and talented research firm. Showing the breadth of their knowledge and the skills they employ is no easy task. While researching the competition we found the best place H2R could differentiate—with a confidence in their unique personality and talent.

Where many others that share the same space in their market use the weight and muscle of what they do to overwhelm the potential customer, we (copywriter and myself) chose to show the friendliness and approachability of the client. Rather than try to convince credibility through detail, we aimed to build trust through pure customer focus.


Starting with their existing color palette, we infused it with small amounts of energetic color to bring the visual brand into line with the firm's jovial culture.

In looking for ways to create elements that add to the depth of their strategy, we developed a way to visually and behind-the-scenes show the depth of what the client provided.


Using small shapes and symbols of various colors and arrangement I could allude to the nuances of how the client gathers, organizes, measures, and clarifies that data for their customers. This provided a solution that could be used in any medium in limitless ways. Coupled with copy that was fun, confident, and smart, these shapes are playful and interesting with lots of room to grow.


With further exploration ahead, the client loves finally seeing their their firm shown in a real light, proving credibility not by bullying or begging, but by being who they are and doing what they do with excellence.