Personalized organization services with the purpose of bringing clarity and structure to your space.


Starting on a new business venture, the client was looking for a visual personality that encompassed the concepts of serenity, clarity, peace, and trust. I created a team comprising of a trusted copywriter, an experienced market analyst, and myself. We worked as a team to discover how this client should present herself to the world.

I spent a lot of time exploring marks that could show a simple and clean connection with the idea of home. Each time I tried to take a mark further into the design process, it consistently struggled against becoming visual clutter to the wordmark—which obviously was the opposite of what the identity needed to convey.


The understanding of pure simplicity and serenity through everything is what helped clarify thinking and cement the idea that a visually clean, word-only mark is exactly what the client needed.

Once we knew we were within range of a final mark, finding a visual method to share the concept of orderliness and organization through shape and color became an important goal. Calming and repeatable shapes that could show structure were developed to use throughout the needed mediums.


Extra attention was spent on the type and color. But with colors, shapes, and the mark itself all gravitating towards quiet pieces, it was important to find a spark of contrast, as long as it was used with control. The development of a series of tags to the business name incorporating that spark is what helped sync everything together.


An excellent team working closely with the client helped to provide a unique voice and visual personality plus creative insight on how to best approach the market in search of the ideal set of customers.